Island Lake

The rights and lefts for this route with times and some stops are listed below. To look up these streets you may use this link to Google Maps https://google.com/maps or any mapping program you choose

Time   Time    
5:45 AM North Base  3:45 PM Charleston Base  
  Left on Viking Way NW   enter PSNS via Charleston Gate  
  Right onto Hwy. 305   Bldg. 514 until 4:02 PM  
  Remain on Hwy. 305 to Hwy. 3   Bldg. 455 (Transportation) Door 7  
  Remain on Hwy. 3 to Keyport Junction   Bldg. 1106 Door 7 until 4:09PM  
  Left onto Hwy. 308   Bldg. 431 - east corner  
  Right onto Central Valley   Exit Main Gate on 1st Street  
6:03 AM Ten Acres 4:18 PM Just outside the Main gate  
  Continue straight onto Hillcrest   1st Street to Washington Avenue  
  Hillcrest at Lake Shore   Right onto Manette Bridge  
  Left onto Lake Shore Drive   Right from roundabout onto Old Wheaton Way  
  Left onto Island Parkway   Right onto Cherry  
  Island Lake Parkway and Elm   Right onto Sheridan  
  Island Lake Parkway and Beech   Left onto Halverson  
  Right onto Central Valley 4:23 PM Left onto Sylvan  
6:07 AM Central Valley and Avery Lane   Right onto Almira   
    4:28 PM Left onto Fuson  
6:12 AM Central Valley and Fairgrounds   Right onto Hwy. 303  
  Left onto Fairgrounds Road   Right onto McWilliams  
  Silver Pine   McWilliams and Cloverblossom  
  Village Fair Appts   Left onto Johnson  
  Cross Hwy. 303 onto John Carlson   Right onto Athens  
  Kinder Care 4:33 PM Athens and Helena  
  Right onto NE Clover Blossom Lane   Left onto Helena  
  Meadowlark Circle NE   Left onto Troy Lane  
  Continue onto Lazy S Lane NE   Left on Sheffield  
  Right on NE John Carlson   Sheffield and Wembly  
6:25 AM Right onto Wembly   Right onto Wembly  
  Troy Lane   Wembly and Troy  
  Sheffeild & Wembly 4:38 PM Left onto John Carlson  
  Left on NE Sheffeild Place   Left on Lazy S Lane SE  
  Right on Troy Lane   Meadowlark Circle NE  
  Helena and Troy   Continue onto NE Clover Blossom Lane  
  Right onto Helena   Left on John Carlson  
6:30 AM Helena and Helena   Kinder Care  
  Right onto Athens 4:51 PM Cross Hwy. 303 onto Fairgrounds  
  Left onto Johnson   Village Fair Appts  
  Right onto McWilliams   Silver Pine  
  McWilliams and Cloverblossom   Right onto Central Valley  
  Left onto Hwy. 303   Lopez  
    4:56 PM Central Valley and Avery Lane  
  Left onto Fuson   Left onto Island Lake Parkway  
      Island Parkway and Beech  
      Island Parkway and Elm  
6:35 AM Right onto Almira   Right onto Lake Shore Drive  
  Left onto Sylvan   Lake Shore at Hillcrest  
6:40 AM Right onto Halverson   Right onto Hillcrest  
  Right onto Sheridan   Continue straight onto Central Valley  
    5:03 PM Ten Acres  
  Left onto Warren Ave   Left onto Hwy. 308  
  Cross Warren Ave Bridge   Right onto Hwy. 3  
  Right onto Burwell   Right onto Hwy 305  
      Left onto Viking Way NW  
  Right onto Pacific 5:10 PM Right into North Base  
6:45 AM Right into PSNS Main Gate      
7:05 AM Park bus at Charleson Base      

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